Just getting started with PrestaShop?

Check the list below to see what you should know about.

1. Check out this 13-second PrestaShop DEMO. This is how PrestaShop looks right after the installation.

PrestaShop is open-source solution, running on 270 000 shops worldwide and is available in 65 different languages.

2. PrestaShop is for free but you will likely spend some money on the premium themes and modules. However, there are no other monthly fees.

You can also create your own theme on PrestaBuilder.com, or use Visual Composer.

3. PrestaShop forum is a popular place where people from the PrestaShop community help each other.

4. You need to find a web hosting service for your eshop and register your domain.

5. Ready to install PrestaShop with your web host?

The newest version is You can also decide to use older version,, but note that it will be supported only until October 2018.

We recommend using PrestaShop 1.7.

Hi, my name is Andy!

I have worked with PrestaShop for more than 6 years, originally developing themes, modules and then creating a project that helped thousands of entrepreneurs to create their own themes on PrestaBuilder.com

I created this page to help you out with your initial decisions and give you a clear guide to whether PrestaShop is for you or not.

I also use affiliate links in this demo, but I only recommend services that I only recommend services that I generally use.